Friday, March 28, 2008

Yet again, being cheap pays off

Ok, so we went to play Halo 3 on XBox Live today. Yay, Halo. Well, we never bought the $10 Heroic Map Pack on the grounds that we already payed $60 for the game, which was pretty awesome; why should we pay extra for 3 maps we really didn't need?
Well, so we go to sign on today to go beat up on prepubescent children, and to our extreme annoyance, we found we could not enter Big Team Slayer because we didn't have the correct maps.
Fuck, we thought. Stupid Microsoft. Making us buy the map pack in order to play.
So fine. We're adults; we're used to getting screwed by the system. So we went to go pay the stupid $10 for the stupid map pack.
Download...Free, said XBox Live.
Sweet! Knew there was no reason to buy that thing in the first place. Wait long enough, good things come to you for free.
That's how we got our living room lamp, our 3rd TV, most of our furniture...

Volcanopele, upon finding out he had purchased the map pack for nothing, proceeded to swear in an annoyed fashion. Fenner (the cat) started licking his head.

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