Friday, July 4, 2008

This is the obligatory "Drunk Blog"

Because Everclear is a most wonderful substance, consisting of grain alcohol and...well...don't really know what else. 190 proof. Woot. And I thought the Bacardi 151 was fun. This stuff, I took a little tiny taste, and it just evaporates out of your mouth, leaving a tingling behind. If I weren't feeling quite so tipsy, i might be able to make a cool story or poem about that shift in POV back there. Clearly, I have not drunk enough, that I am still able to think of things like that. Anyway, the tingling is far superior to anything gleaned from Cuban cigars, PopRocks, 151, or Altoids. I must try it in conjunction with any one of the above; unfortunately, I have none of the above in my house and I am now far to inebriated to contemplate leaving.
This is how I spend my 4th of July - getting drunk, watching subversive movies. Except Volcanopele, who has joined in our revels, is a staunch, patriotic Republican type, and he is uncomfortable with subversive movies, so we're causing virtual mayhem & lawlessness through the medium of GTA IV instead. Which, if you think about it, is probably more damaging to the psyche & sense of justice & freedom & so forth than "Dr. Strangelove" ever could be. (Not that "Dr. Strangelove" is particularly subversive. It's just funny. But it's far from the usual Independence Day fare.)
Fun fact about me: Despite loving the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and everything this country stands for, I am far from patriotic & never have been. Back about, oh, 7 years ago, when the entire country went into this bizarre frenzied spout of patriotism just because a few misguided, renegade terrorists decided to stop bitching & actually do something, I managed to incite a riot by being my usual, not-especially-patriotic, tactless self. Silly me. I think that's when my former BFF & roommate started really questioning how much effort she wanted to put into salvaging our already-frayed relationship. If I was going to start trailing home angry mobs, she didn't want any part of it. This was probably a wise move on her part - though I have managed not to start any mobs since that time.
Of course, that is mostly due to Roni stifling me any time I start ranting publicly about anything, rather than any newfound display of good sense on my part. I am grateful to my wife for keeping me safe from lynch mobs.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Celebrate freedom - subvert the dominant paradigm!
Oh, and drink Everclear!!!

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