Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Creativity Project

Ever since I let slip that in my former life, I had been an art student, but that my true passion had been writing, Professor Bennett has been dropping broad hints about creativity, and how sad it is that many lawyers lose whatever creativity they had before law school. He kept telling me about friends of his who were brilliant artists or writers or musicians before law school who haven't touched their art or whatever since. Tragic.

I agree. So, in an effort not to stagnate, I embark on a fairly ambitious project. I aim to do something creative every day. It may be an essay, a drawing, a poem, a haiku if that's all I have the energy for, but I will do something. Furthermore, I will post it online and publish it to Facebook, on the theory that public affirmations of intent are far more likely to be carried out than private ones.

So, enjoy! :)
(Also, please bear in mind that just about everything on here is a first draft that may or may not ever be revised. Thank you for indulging my insecurities.)

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