Sunday, June 5, 2011

Treasure the Young

We treasure them.
We feed them and nurture them and love them. We coax them along. We shelter them from life’s perils: angry cats, harsh weather, starvation, drought. We weep over their sadness and thrill when their spirits lift.

We talk to them.

We love them.

When they are grown, how we rejoice! How wonderful it is to see them, tall and strong, brave and at the peak of perfection.

They are magnificent.

We go to these young things we have loved, and we ravage them.
We rip them up.
We pull them apart.
We destroy them in a frenzy of greed and anticipation.

They make a magnificent salad.

Then we take their seeds, plant them in sheltering earth, to love and cherish and coax and plead and rejoice, and wait for spring to come again.

1 comment:

Roni Stirnitzke said...

but... now I feel guilty for eating plants too... WHAT DO I EAT?! ;)